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Staffed by licensed and credentialed perinatal mental health and healthcare providers, childbirth professionals, and certified peer specialists, the Hotline provides immediate and informed access to support, understanding, brief intervention, and resources to all pregnant, postpartum, and post-loss individuals AND their partners and families.

Preventative Care - Pregnancy & Infant Support 

Preventative Care - Pregnancy & Infant Support 

Preventative Care- Postpartum and Infant Support 

Preventative Care - Postpartum and Infant Support 

Infant Loss

There are a number of national infant loss directories of resources and support services for families grieving the loss of a baby. Nonprofit organizations depend on donations and volunteers to remain operational. Therefore, some listed resources may be outdated or discontinued. Be sure to do your own research on the listed organizations. 

Virtual Support for Women of Color 

You do not have to grieve alone. There is an international community of women and families who have experienced the devasting loss of a baby. You can find virtual and in-person support groups by searching the above directories. Below are links to virtual support for women of color. 


Peer support is an excellent way to build community and share experiences in a non-judgemental environment. However, counseling is the most effective treatment for emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness. Ask your health care provider, pastor, friends, and family for possible recommendations.  Be sure to verify licensing and discipline records via your state's licensing board.


State health agencies, infant loss organizations, maternal health companies, and hospitals are some suggested places to check for webinars, conferences, and other forms of learning. For bereavement support education, Resolve Through Sharing has been a bereavement educator since 1981. 

Support for Children

No child should grieve alone. Grief and stress can occur in infants, toddlers, and children. Grief may be expressed differently in youth. Seek support for any child who has lost a sibling or loved one. 

Books by Women of Color

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