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Join Our New Monthly Donation Team!

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We invite you to join the new SBMOM GEMs (Give Every Month) team through your ongoing monthly support of our mission. These recurring monthly gifts allow us to continue our support of pregnant, birthing, postpartum, and grieving women and extend our reach as we scale up our services to impact and reach more women. 

When you join the team for as little as $10 each month, you will receive perks. 


Amethyst: You will receive 1 SBMOM magnet for providing welcome packets and educational materials. 


Emerald: You will receive 1 t-shirt and 1 SBMOM magnet for providing 6 Halo & Wings packages to grieving mothers. 


Ruby: You will receive 1 t-shirt, 1 SBMOM magnet, and 1 SBMOM calendar for providing expecting moms and moms with young children who are facing financial difficulties with essential items and services they need.   


Sapphire: You will receive 1 t-shirt, 1 SBMOM magnet, 1 SBMOM calendar, and a VIP meet and greet invitation for supporting SBMOM's first-trimester program and specialized support services for moms pregnant after the loss of a baby.  Hospital-recommended Fetal Doppler. 


Diamond: You will receive 2 t-shirts, 1 SBMOM magnet, 1 SBMOM calendar, 1 SBMOM tote, 1 journal, 1 pen, a VIP meet and greet invitation, and an Investor Circle listing in the year-end donor honor roll for providing general operating funds to support the overall mission, and bringing SBMOM to a city or region considered a maternal care desert for all women or people of color. 

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GEMs Give Now
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