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Resources for Health Professionals 

We are always seeking partnerships with hospitals, businesses, churches, loss organizations, doulas, and other service providers. 

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Women of Color Care Package 


The Halo & Wings Project is a national campaign created to target women of color who had a baby gain wings and are in their first year of grief. The Halo and Wings Project provides a symbolic halo and wings to moms to be clothed in their child's spirit. A satin bonnet and warm robe are presented with a letter from moms who have come through the pain of losing a baby to assure the mom that she is not alone.


Care packages also include resources from infant loss organizations throughout Indiana and nationally. SBMOM works collaboratively with infant loss organizations and other social service programs to provide a well-rounded support system for women. 


Halo and wings can be requested by hospital bereavement coordinators, hospital personnel, loss organizations, health organizations/programs, partner organizations, or church representatives on behalf of a ‘mom in loss’ without revealing the mom’s name. Contact us to partner with us. 

To make an in-kind donation, shop our Amazon Wishlist at or mail brand new white satin bonnets and white plush robes to PO Box 166 Maxwell, Indiana 46154. We also accept hand-sewn items from bonnet makers and fashion designers. 

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Halo & Wings In-Kind Donation

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